For My Daughter

The new year has got me decluttering the computer and finding things I had totally forgotten, don’t really need, but don’t want to discard – which is what happens when I try and declutter my home, too. But I did come across this, written to my daughter when she was about 13. I think she has a copy, but just in case she has decluttred too, here it is again.

Travelling through time
Somewhere in my past
an image
out of focus, undefined,
Blurs onto your present,
like mist
Rising from the deep, deep ditches
of my mind
Trying hard
to sharpen itself
bit by bit
A mosaic
re-silvering the mirror
of my memory
In your presence.

You tread the path I trod
Yet I can find no voice to cry “Beware!”
And make you hear;
The dangers I once faced or fled
(Which were in me and are in you)
Still lurk;
But I am mute and turned to stone.

What I have learnt and lost
And scars I gained
Are mine
And cannot be transferred to you.

I see you in my wake
But all I offer you is tears
Which one day you may shed
For both of us.

Some days I look at you
and I remember
when I was your age.

Maybe one day
You’ll look at me
When I was your age.


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