Who, When, Where, How many …

WordPress statistics are very clever. I have just received a summary of all the data they can gather on me for 2012 and if I want, I can post it here.

But I am sceptical of their data-compiling efficiency. I just looked at the stats for today, and it says “2 visitors, 7 views”. OK – nice to know that somebody is interested enough to come back a couple of times. Then it lists the countries where my visitors are, and lo and behold – they are in the USA, UK and India.

Someone must have very long legs to straddle either the Atlantic, the Pacific or the Himalayas– or else the Concorde is back in the air. Or that fancy plane they used in Angels and Demons and the Da Vinci Code. Or is Santa Claus still flying his rounds, delivering last-minute prezzies and checking me out in his spare time?

And in any case, my ClustrMap figures are completely different … who should I believe? (sorry, whom)

Lies, damn lies, and statistics! 

(and that was the Oxford comma!)


11 thoughts on “Who, When, Where, How many …

  1. Don’t mistrust the statistics! WordPress as an international blogging platform surely attracts a lot of bloggers from everywhere in the world. Poking around in several WordPress blogs perhaps is also a hobby of Indian or American readers? And the Oxford comma definitely is interesting for UK readers! 😉

      • Oh! Ääääh…. that’s difficult, of course!
        Wie sagt man so schön: wer lesen kann, ist klar im Vorteil…. 😉

      • The platform where I am conducting the website of our association counts every visitor and every post he reads as 1 separate visitor, e. g. 1 visitor reading 3 of my pages within my website = 3 visitors. That’s obvious nonsense but it’s true. It’s still open if the “3 visitors” come from different countries…

      • WordPress is a little more sophisticated now: it shows how many “views” and how many “visitors” then calculates eg 2.6 views per visitor – but that still doesn’t explain 2 visitors from 3 countries!

  2. Yes, I have some trouble fathoming the statistics myself. Like you, my visitors seem to read about five posts on each vist, and I find that hard to believe. Mind you, I find it quite hard to believe anyone visits so it’s not all bad. Every visit is nice, but its always the comments which are most heartwarming

    • Totally agree – I suppose it’s a form of insecurity, but I want a little pat on the head now and then, too. Or at least a response from all these anonmous browsers!

  3. How do you distinguish a visitor from a viewer? Has it anything to do with making a comment or pressing the “like” button? If I browse casually through a few blogs without making a comment or indicating “like”, am I still a visitor then? I am curious to know how this counts.

    • There’s a button or a graph line along the top black bar of the screen (where it gives your name and says “Follow”). If you click on that, you get to your stats and they show how many visitors from which countries, and how many views, then it calculates average views per person. I think you are counted as a visitor as soon as you enter a blog, whether or not you comment or like it.

  4. Thanks for this, Cath. I still wonder what they mean by “viewer”?
    Hi, I just clicked “Following” in my top black bar. Surprise, surprise, there appeared all the recent posts of the bloggers I like to follow. This makes keeping up with newly published posts so much easier for me! Thank you so much, Cath, for pointing me to this. Fantastic, how much time this is going to save!

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