Nelly Sachs: Comments Welcome!

Deutsch: Unterschrift der deutschen Dichterin ...

Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why is my page of Nelly Sachs poems suddenly so popular? I wondered.

For most of the time, until a couple of months ago, nobody took much notice of it, and then suddenly it had several hits a day. I was pleased, of course, though few of the visitors left any comments, and – sensitive soul that I am – I tend to think that no comment means people don’t really like it but are too kind to say so. So I have been a little puzzled about this phenomenon: is it one person who keeps coming back, or are there several of you? I’d like to think that this Nobel prize-winner is receiving some of the recognition she deserves.

Good old Google provided me with a partial answer as to why I was getting hits, but I would still like some feedback, to satisfy my curiosity. I have also found some more of her poems on the web, so there’s another little project for the new year.

All visitors are welcome, and please don’t stay anonymous – I can take criticism, especially if it’s constructive, and am pleased to enter into dialogue with you. You may have some interesting interpretations of these poems that can be so mystifying and I’d love to hear them.

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