Looking at an elderly person, it’s easy to think that he or she has always been like that, forgetting that everyone was young once. This applies particularly to one’s parents and grandparents, people we can’t imagine in any other role than their present one. Here’s a reminder that things once were very different. 

O yes, my children – I have been in love!
I, too, have walked into a room
And looked into a pair of laughing eyes
That drew me like a magnet to my doom,
A fish caught on a hook, a dove
Become an eagle’s prize.

O yes, my children – I have known the pain
The searing stab of jealousy, the ache
Of absence, and exploding joy
On his return, the give and take,
The power of the chain
That bound me to a faithless boy.

O yes, my children – more than once I’ve known
The devastation and the ecstasy
Of loving, being loved, the heights
And depths of passion, and the free
Sure sense of being not alone
But partnered in life’s fights.

O yes, my children – I, too, once was young,
And full of hopes and dreams,
Have been swept off my feet
And woken in reality’s cold streams.
I, too, have danced and sung
Believing bitterness had turned to sweet.

O yes, my children – though it’s in the past
My love was just as strong,
A wild, an all-consuming thing
That burnt and smouldered long
After I had thought it could not last.
O yes, my children – Love has made me sing!


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