Damsels in Distress – Again!

Having recently recounted the tale of our mouse visitors and Stan’s gallant services in our defence, I am reminded of a previous occasion – also immortalised in doggerel – when he came galloping to the rescue. There really are times when you need a man about the house!  

What’s that noise that I keep hearing
Coming from above the ceiling?
Every now and then a tweeting,
Like a little sparrow cheeping.
Trapped inside the loft, it’s peeping,
Can’t get out, poor little sweeting,
All this pity I am feeling –
It could starve, that’s what I’m fearing.

I close the doors to the rooms inside,
Open the front door nice and wide,
Get the steps, on tiptoe standing
Reach for the trapdoor on the landing.
But I’m too short, the steps too small,
I need a ladder long and tall.

Neighbour Stan is a gallant knight
And comes to see if I‘m all right.
He brings his ladder, climbs up high,
Opens the trapdoor to the sky.

“I think we must have scared the bird,”
I say, but then a “cheep” is heard.
Stan knows this old familiar call
So frail and weak; says: “Blow it all!”
And tells me I’m the great protector
Of the lesser spotted smoke detector!

Smoke detector

Smoke detector (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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