Schrödinger’s Cat, Omega Point and the Tree of Knowledge

Intelligent design

Intelligent design (Photo credit: seriykotik1970)

Perhaps the answer to my question Why Man? lies in the pursuance of these ideas and theories. I love reading and listening to people like Peter Russell, Carl Sagan, Steven Pinker, Steven Jay Gould and all those other very clever scientific thinkers who are able to express such abstruse ideas in a way that challenges my intellect and makes me think I understand; although actually, when it comes to explaining to other people these ideas which I think I’ve grasped, I realise that I am just as dim-witted where Physics is concerned as I was when I was a frustrated schoolgirl trying to figure out the basic principles of electricity.

I buy these authors’ books, which I read and re-read with enormous pleasure, and retain dangerously little of the content, but then they look good on my bookshelves and they do make good bedtime reading – I fall asleep with these ideas chasing around my consciousness, filtering into the unconscious, and dream incredibly marvellous dreams. Chaos Theory? Oh yes, I’ve read that several times, fascinating! All those butterflies and  beautiful fractals … The Big Bang? Well, actually, as sound can’t travel through a vacuum, it was more of a Big Flash – Let there be light sort of thing …

Nobody as yet has clarified for me what the expanding universe is expanding into, or where our spirituality, mind and brain overlap, but I live in hope that one day my very finite mind will be able to grasp infinity. In the meantime, the world hurtles towards its manmade doom. Or is Peter Russell right, and we are headed for something much more interesting?


5 thoughts on “Schrödinger’s Cat, Omega Point and the Tree of Knowledge

  1. I am delighted that you enjoy these books, can re-read them and that you are willing to admit to retaining little of the content. I hae for years felt like the “village idiot” at my inability to retain these fine books.

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