All Your Gold

Not a sestina, but something vaguely derived from that form … 

Status Symbol - XXXII

Status Symbol – XXXII (Photo credit: r2hox)

With all your gold you seek to satisfy
The yearnings and the burnings deep inside:
For where your treasure is, there is your heart.
Your status symbols fail to gratify
Desires that spring from sources you denied.
The more you gain, the more you hate to part
With what you have; and yet you’re not content
And always want another ten per cent.

 With all your gold, you’ll never satisfy
Your longing for contented peace inside;
For treasure to be stored up in your heart,
The only way that you can gratify
Those deep-felt yearnings that you have denied,
Is by relinquishing the lion’s part
And seeing gold as dross: to be content
You need to give a full hundred per cent.

The only treasure that can satisfy
The deepest yearnings burning you inside
Is the rich peace that you feel in your heart
When what you want is not to gratify
Your own desires, willingly denied,
But to surrender all, withhold no part.
The treasure that you need to be content
Is God’s great love, which doesn’t cost a cent.


3 thoughts on “All Your Gold

  1. Well said. So many times we chase “gold” in other forms too. A house, a toy, a possession. Yet, at the end of the day all these things are meaningless. The people we have in our circle are a true treasure.

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