Unexpected Honour (Part II)

It didn’t take as long as I thought it would to complete the second part of my task.
My nominations for the Versatile Blog Award are:

  1. The Little Wash House – my wonderful daughter who inspired me to blog in the first place.
  2. Sue Kenney Editing – for her wisdom, warmth and love of the English language.
  3. A Taxi-Dog’s Diary – for his tenacity, determination, wit, humour and interest in EVERYTHING.
  4. Back on my own – although she received these same awards at the same time from the same person, this is my tribute.
  5. I choose how I spend the rest of my life – an inspiration to those of us who think we are getting old and “past it”.
  6. Aunty Uta’s Diary  – another one who has already been nominated, but deserves extra mention.
  7. Chaperon Tacheté – this is nepotism! But although my granddaughter is new to this, she’s doing pretty well in the blog world.
  8. Countingducks – a refreshing view of a young man’s world.
  9. Runquiltknitwrite – for her down-to-earth sense, and clever needlework.
  10. Red Yucca – I know the blood, sweat and tears involved in attempting to translate German poetry, and he shares my interest in Nelly Sachs.
  11. The Chameleon’s backbone  – for her positive attitude.
  12. Nothousebound – for her cheerful courage and the love she shows to her hundred-year-old Grandpa.
  13. Charity Lane – for her uplifting insights.
  14. Moonlightened way – for her honest record of her search.
  15. Readers’ Café – for her unashamed touting for custom in every post, all of which are very interesting.

Versatile Blogger Award

Now I really do need to find out from The Secret World of S.exactly how to pass on the award so it can be proudly displayed on the nominees’ blogs.

The next part ought to be easy, but revealing seven things about myself feels uncomfortably like doing the dance of the seven veils and I’m not sure how much underwear I’m allowed to keep on! I referred to this in my very first post here and it still applies.

  1. What I treasure most: my faith, my family and my friends.
  2. What I am grateful for: the bad experiences that have taught me to enjoy life.
  3. What I hope for: more of the same! Culminating in love, joy, peace, etc.
  4. What I would like to spend more time on: developing my artistic talents.
  5. What I most regret: wasted opportunities due to my cowardice.
  6. What I am best at: procrastination.
  7. What I need most: love, and thank God I get plenty!

Tomorrow I’ll start reflecting on the conditions for the other awards – but I think that’s enough for one day! I hope you will all enjoy reading the blogs I’ve nominated as much as I do..


12 thoughts on “Unexpected Honour (Part II)

  1. You have just opened many doors for me. I only read your blog and Melanie’s. While I don’t always take the moment to comment, I do enjoy both immensely. I shall peruse the web and read a bit more. There is obviously a whole world out there. Thank you for giving us the courage to go out and explore.

  2. Hi Cat,
    I am thrilled you have decided to accept and proudly display your well deserved awards! I think you have got the image thing figured out but I will let you in on a couple of short cuts:
    If you right-click on an image you can choose Save Image As… (or Save As, depending on your browser.) and save it to your computer. Then when you type a post you can insert it the same way you do with all the other wonderful images you include.
    I apologize that it has taken me a day or two to get back to you, it was incredibly impolite of me. If you have any more technical questions, you can get a quicker response from me if you email me at gettingtheremyway@hotmail.com I don’t pretend to be an expert on how WordPress works, but I do have a working knowledge of the site.
    I hope this note finds you well and happy!
    – S.

    • Thank you S. – I don’t consider you impolite at all. It gave me time to try and figure it out for myself! I assume I have to tell each person I have nominated individually, and they can copy the logo from my page. (Fingers crossed that works!)And thanks again for your support! Cat

  3. Thanks so much for the nomination, Catherine. I am honored. I will figure out exactly what I need to do tomorrow – I reserve Sundays (as best I can) for thinking as little as possible. You’ll notice that I finally subscribed to your blog – thought I had months ago, & wondered why you weren’t writing anything – silly me! Just skimmed through a few posts, and find myself delighted and nodding in agreement. Good stuff!

  4. Thankyou so much for including me in your list of awards. It always nice to be appreciated, and to receive a comment. Gave me a chance to look at your blog. Like you enjoyed the Jubilee, and the sense of coming together which it bought.

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