Congenital Blogging Addiction?

Here I go with another PR plug, this time for a brand-new blogger very close to my heart. I know that many of you read German (and some of you even speak it 🙂 ) so if that’s the case, just click on Chaperon Tacheté on my blog roll – or here – and enjoy.

I have to admit a vested interest here. There may be comments or photos on the Chaperon Tacheté’s pages that seem a little familiar to those who read my blog and my daughter’s, at The Little Wash House. That’s because we are now Third Generation bloggers – in the old-fashioned sense of the term, not some newfangled upgrade. Though I suppose you could argue that the youngest of us three is bound to be more “with it” than her mother and grandmother, so perhaps she is an upgrade on us! And maybe that applies in more ways than one, but I think for the moment I won’t go down that route!

It occurs to me that if we were to get my mother and my great-grandchildren to start blogs, we might have a chance of being in the Guinness Book of Records as a 5-Generation Blogging Family.  Or something …


4 thoughts on “Congenital Blogging Addiction?

  1. Hi Catterel,
    I checked out your daughter’s and granddaughter’s blogs and I think you have the blog-bug in your genes. You really have something here. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a shared blog where you all weigh in from the different vantage points age offers us.

    On another note, I nominated you fora couple of awards! If you want to accept them you can find the images here:

    – S.

    • Gosh – for once I’m speechless! Thank you very much, I feel very honoured. Not quite sure what I have to do, but will check out your instructions and try to think of 15 more bloggers to pass this on to. Not sure if I know that many!

      • Hi Cat,
        You have done wonderfully well! I look forward to checking out your suggestions!
        ox – S.

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