Cri de Coeur

Protect me from dissecting intellect
That turns the Mona Lisa into a
Painting by numbers
And the magic of Mozart
Into mere mathematical formulae;

Leave me the faculty
Of grasping the whole
As a harmonious, coherent entity.

Abstract the rational relationship
Of rainbow to prism
And let me dissolve
Into the intrinsic separate entirety
Of the synthesis beyond analysis
That pure instinct recognises

" The Mona Lisa Fall "

” The Mona Lisa Fall ” (Photo credit: gmayster01 on & off …)

3 thoughts on “Cri de Coeur

  1. “… the synthesis beyond analysis
    That pure instinct recognises

    Its Gestalt therapy in a nutshell and I love it. And I’m honored that you included me in your blogroll.

    I’ve had several cats share my bed. Ketzel was wise. “Cat” came and went as she pleased and then came no more. Fosse [after Bob, the dancer] was a loveable klutz. “Schmutzick” [ שמוציק ], grimy or dirty, met the Grim Reaper in traffic when my wife said three cats were enough, and cried for weeks. Shaina, “The World’s Loudest Cat”, awakens the dead. And, finally, Kieko, The Silent Calico, has no voice at all… … …creating a balanced world of cat-dom.

    What kind of cat will YOU turn out to be?


  2. Thank you – sometimes I write something that makes sense to me at the time, and afterwards I wonder “What the heck does THAT mean?” Wish I knew which part of my brain/mind some of this stuff comes from – or maybe better not! Also glad you enjoyed my Catterel – every pet deserves a pome, even if it isn’t up to Baudelaire’s standard.

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