Sad Sunset

The sky hanging in shreds
Sneers snottily through its cloud tissue.
Dark smoke rises
Bechet plays sweet pain:
“Si tu vois ma mere …”
If you do, don’t tell her.
Twisting silver notes like a knife
Scalpel smooth stab sharp as ice
The dying sun bleeds through a gash,
A gaping wound.
The blackened earth writhes
In its neonfake illuminations.
Insincerity reigns.

5 thoughts on “Sad Sunset

  1. Catherine. I have given this poem a lot of thought and here is my question to you. I start some of my chapters with a quote and one with a short poem. This one would fit a chapter perfect if you could give me permission to use it. Of course, as you understand I may never get published, but I am giong to finish the novel and try. Think about?!

  2. THANK YOU! Of course, you get credit as author – Shall I put May 24, 2012 as a date also? Once I get to submission I will double check with you. I am delighted. It fits the theme and chapter perfect.

    • Yes, if you like – I’m not sure exactly when I wrote it, but that’s when it went online! Hope Carola replies to your other comment – I look forward to your exchange of ideas. xx

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