April in Paris

I’m cheating today. This is a vicarious visit. Oh yes, I have experienced April in Paris, more than once, and it never loses its magic in spite of all the grubbiness and squalor.  My granddaughter and her husband are there right now, seeing all the sights and falling under that age-old spell. The perfect place and time for a young couple in love. I do wish them both a very happy and blessed Easter and thanks for the photos that have brought back memories.

I mentioned that translucent green of fresh foliage in my April poem intro – this captures it!

A few more impressions of what makes Pari special:




3 thoughts on “April in Paris

  1. I was in Paris for an Easter weekend in 1954. I was nineteen at the time. I guess it probably would have been in April. I loved it.
    In 1986, strangely enough also around April, I had two short stays there with Peter and our youngest daughter. We landed in Paris coming from Sydney, picked up a 2CV there, went with it from France to Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Germany. Then back to Paris to return the car. When I saw Paris again, I straight away felt at home there once more. Would have loved to stay there a bit longer.

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