The Art of Sleeping in a Box

This just dropped into my mailbox and I would love to acknowledge the copyright of its author, but have no idea who compiled it.

Anyone who has ever lived with a cat will recognise this.
(Warning: 23 images)

Start with simply sleeping on your back

or on your side.

Consider using the top flap of the box as a pillow.

If you are longhaired, use the benefit of your coat and tail.

Remember that you and your box must nearly become one.

Use your imagination: try an S-like position …

 or an inverted C-like position…

or even an L-like one.

If you totally trust your humans, relax your back legs to the maximum.

Sometimes O-like positions do not fit the box well, but you can always experiment.

If the box is rather small, try sticking  your paws & tail out of it…

or stretch just one paw out, like this (back paw) …

or like this (front paw) …

Invite your friend to join you…

and enjoy it.

Your humans may wonder how you can sleep like that…

ignore them and  enjoy..
Perhaps they will not even notice you..

To avoid unwanted attention, choose a box that matches your fur colour.
or you can trying hide in an absolutely unexpected box…

This position is for experienced yoga cats …

as well as this one…

Even small boxes will do in a pinch…

You can use any box-like structure you can find to get some practice…

Just remember to be creative!

There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: Music and cats
(Albert Schweitzer)





2 thoughts on “The Art of Sleeping in a Box

  1. At the vet’s yesterday, there was a small crate of very pretty savannah-coloured cats also in for a visit. I couldn’t work out how many cats were in there, as it looked like three as they squirmed around trying to keep the miniature poodle who was present at glaring distance and make their dislike of their surroundings known… when I asked, it was, in fact, only two cats, which means one of them had been practising according to this procedure, as it managed to show a rear end and its face at the same time!
    Meanwhile, Sophie sat spherically in her own, large, crate – we felt they should perhaps have swapped crates, regarding size…

  2. I loved the photos and you are right, some did remind me of the various cats I owned over the decades. The quote by Albert Schweitzer is right on the money.

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