A Thousand Thanks

Wowee – I’ve hit the thousand mark! Or rather, a thousand have hit me – or should I say, I’ve had a thousand hits. Sounds painful, but is actually a source of amazement and amusement to me.

Blogging is my latest addiction and I’m a relative newcomer, have only been going since last September so still finding my feet. I keep discovering odd little bits and pieces (in a language I don’t always understand) on my dashboard, including a gadget or widget or thingummy that I was able to slip into the sidebar, showing how many people have been nipping in and out of here. Just for fun – like watching the steps mounting up on a pedometer. And there it is: 1000 hits!

Of course, it could be my own visits to check up that everything is still as I left it – a bit like making sure you switched the lights out and the gas off when you go away. But I don’t think I’m so neurotic that I’ve done that a thousand times, and anyway occasionally some kind soul has made a friendly comment which makes me think that the angels I’m entertaining unawares are indeed real live people. And maybe there are even fewer than six degrees of separation between YOU (whoever you are) and ME?

It’s humbling to think that my ramblings are being read. Or perhaps they aren’t. Perhaps it’s just folk peering in through the window to see if anyone’s in, or just being nosy and looking at the way this place is furnished. And some of the blogs I’ve visited have had hundreds of thousands of visitors, so I needn’t get big-headed about my kilo compared to their tonnes.

All the same, it is NICE! Very gratifying! So thank you, everybody. I hope you enjoyed your visit and I look forward to next time.


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