Meeting of Minds – Seelenverwandtschaft

Just occasionally in life you may come across a true kindred spirit. Not always a living person who can be your friend, sometimes a writer, musician or artist whose work touches you so deeply that you recognise the affinity of your souls. That person may be long dead, but has left a legacy that moves you in the depths of your being.

Perhaps I am too much of a romantic at heart, but a part of me has always wanted to believe in the Platonic ideal of the soul mate, the idea that somewhere there is the “other half” that completes my own soul.  I have been very blessed to have known a handful of people in the course of my life whom I have loved in this way and to them – and any others who have experienced this meeting of minds – I dedicate this:

I’ll talk to you across the years, for Time
Is no real barrier to our minds and hearts.
We understand each other without charts
To navigate thoughts’ oceans, or to climb
The mountains of our feelings, both sublime
And mundane. Contact: the spark arcs and starts
A flame beyond our senses’ ken; imparts
A glimpse of freedom, or attains the prime
Source. We were and are and will be, and can meet
At any point we choose, for time and space
Are meaningless: As hands may touch and greet
So your mind mine, and nothing can efface
The bonds between us. You can feel the beat
Of my heart, when of me there is no trace.


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