Granny wants to boast …

For three weeks now I’ve been trying to stick to my avowed principles and not bore the pants off all and sundry with my baby photos. Yes, OK, so I did make a big announcement on facebook with a pic, and yes, I do have some photos on my phone that I have been flashing around, and OK I admit to having shown those on my computer to more than one or two people. I also printed some of them out. But I have really been trying not to bore people with them. And I’ve been choosy about who gets a peek, bearing in mind the comments I recorded here not so long ago.

So I am still bursting to broadcast it to the world that my beautiful, amazing granddaughter and her loving husband have produced a little sister for their three-year-old son, and she is – of course – wonderful. All babies are wonderful; the miracle of conception, gestation and birth never fails to amaze me, and the rapidity with which these little creatures learn and turn into real people is beyond belief.  Barely in the world, and they already have a personality.

Well, I’m leaving the boasting to her Granny, who is making a very good job of it at The Little Wash-House (see link). All I can say is, my new great-granddaughter is gorgeous. Doesn’t she look like me?

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