Cat Talk

It’s no good speaking sternly to a cat:
She’ll simply take offence,
Let you know there is no sense
In talking to a cat LIKE THAT.

It’s no good telling her that you’re the boss:
She simply knows you aren’t,
She simply knows you can’t
Persuade her if you’re going to get cross.

It’s no good getting up on your high horse:
Whatever you expect,
A cat has no respect
For people who resort to using force.

The only way to get around a cat
Is to practise being gentle
Honey-tongued and sentimental
And she may respond if you can talk like that.


2 thoughts on “Cat Talk

  1. What makes you think I don’t? But hey – look how many cats I’ve had dealings with, feline and human, and there’s no doubt the carrot (or cat-treat) works far better than the stick!

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