Jörg Zink

Rummaging around in old back-up directories and files I came across this, which is my translation of a poem by Jörg Zink. I have been trying to find the original, so that I can hone my version, but so far to no avail. Can anyone help?


when I see a carefully contrived wall
running around a house or along the lane
– like this wall here –
I wonder.
So many of the walls holding us back
are of our own building.

Oh yes, we all have walls
that we haven’t erected ourselves:
that limit our talents,
skills and strength.
But we, too, are confined
within the spirit of our age:
each thinks as others think
or as one is supposed to think –
and it is easy to mistrust our feelings
and our innate grasp of the truth.

Yet beyond every wall there lies
another plot of land
and paths leading on
over fresh hills.
Above every wall there is an expanse of sky
and clouds pass unhindered to and fro.
And let no wall fool you into thinking
that it marks the end of the world.

Jörg Zink

4 thoughts on “Jörg Zink

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