A Snake Sloughs its Skin

The yesterself that haunts the now-blurred me
like moonshadows
superimposed, merged, off-centre
interferes and dominates
in the substrata
jarring acquired polished tones.
Like cast-off clothes
my old selves hang in the wardrobe of my past
sometimes I try them on
– too small, outdated, worn. 

A snake sloughs its skin 
And forgets.

6 thoughts on “A Snake Sloughs its Skin

  1. Wonderfully expressed, and I am reminded of those occasions when I may meet an old acquaintance, then lapsing into the default self that I wore with them in earlier times so as to engage with them. Some of it is for the purposes of communication – my old self is what is expected by the other – and yet it just happens, in an unpremeditated way, an imperceptible slip into a ‘too small, outdated, worn’ garment of selfhood. Many thanks.

      • I’ve been trying to find a ‘Follow’ button on your site, Hariod – don’t you have one? I’ve just downloaded your book, and look forward to reading it.

      • Thankyou so much for your interest Catherine, and for downloading the eBook. I’m not altogether happy with the electronic version, and if you would like a gratis physical copy, then just email me off-blog with an address to post it to and I’ll willingly oblige so as to reciprocate your kindness. The ‘follow’ function in WordPress has of late become a bit vague once you’re logged into your own WP account – the button disappears the moment you scroll down any freshly-loaded page. If you go to http://contentedness.net/ without being logged in, you will see the standard blue ‘follow’ button at the very bottom of the home page. Otherwise, if you are logged in, it’s a case of looking at the bottom right corner and clicking ‘follow’ before scrolling down (which makes it disappear as I said). Less than satisfactory – I know.

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